Gravel Driveway in Orleans County FAQ

November 17, 2020

Ask Your Gravel Driveway Experts in Orleans County

Welcome to our Gravel Driveways FAQ page, where we answer our most asked questions when planning a Gravel Driveway installation in Orleans County.


1. How much does it cost to install a gravel driveway?

An expertly installed, NEW gravel driveway in Orleans County or surrounding areas, cost $1.50 or more/Sq. Ft. from start to finish. Our team of highly experienced driveway technicians will ensure you get a top-quality gravel driveway at fair price.

  • The price we will provide you with will depend on a variety of factors:
  • What is there now? Stone, Dirt, or something else?
  • How much preparation is necessary? Can we go over what is there or are we starting from scratch?
  • Where is the area? Is the area accessible to all of our equipment?
  • How big is the area?
  • Who will be using the area? How much and what type of vehicular traffic will be using the area?


2. What type of stone or gravel is best for my driveway?

A #1 Crusher run is the best size for most driveways, especially repair and restorations. Smaller stones tend to get stuck in the grooves of shoes, tires and on paws and end up in your car or home. Larger stones are more difficult to work with, walk on and create a rough driveway surface.

In our area a crushed limestone is the perfect choice for your stone or gravel driveway.


3. Is a gravel driveway cheaper than concrete?

ABSOLUTELY! The total investment for a new gravel driveway starts around $1.50/Sq. Ft. A concrete driveway can cost as much as $7.00-$15.00/Sq. Ft.


4. How long do gravel driveways last?

Properly installed and maintained gravel driveways can last for decades.

Gravel (unlike asphalt and concrete, which needs to be torn out and removed and reinstalled) can easily be restored with the proper tools and technique or some extra gravel.

Meticulous installation by an experienced contractor will prevent drainage or sinking issues with your gravel driveway.


5. Can I get a FREE quote for a gravel driveway?

Absolutely. We offer free virtual estimates and quotations.

  • Step 1 – Head on over to our website, where you can measure your driveway and calculate the starting price for your project or fill out a request form and tell us about your project.
  • Step 2 – Once we receive your request, we will look at your project with our satellite software, contact you with any questions and send you a quote with several options to choose from.
  • Step 3 – Review the quote we sent you and contact us to set up an in-person meeting where we will go over your project in person and fine tune the scope of work and budget for the project.
  • Step 4 – Schedule the work!

You can call us 585-204-ROCK to discuss your gravel driveway installation project over the phone.

You can email us with photos of your driveway and ideally measurements too and we can get back right away with an estimate.

6. How do you install a new gravel driveway?

Whether you are installing a gravel, asphalt or concrete driveway, the base is always the most vital factor to get right. A solid base will prevent sinking and drainage issues in the future.

  • First – Prepare the ground correctly. Excavate the existing soil, to a depth of 8-10 inches depending on the current soil conditions. Continue to excavate until you find solid ground.
  • Second – Install Geotextile Fabric over the ground to prevent the new stone from sinking into the subsoil surfaces.
  • Third – Install #1 or #2 crusher run for the base, rolling each application of stone with a heavy vibratory ride-on roller or tamper.
  • Fourth – Install #1 crusher run on layers, rolling as you go until the stone is at the grade you need.

If the weather and material is dry, we highly recommend wetting each layer of stone to get the best compaction.
Follow these steps and you will make a solid gravel driveway.


7. How much will a ton of gravel cover?

A ton of gravel should cover between 100-200 square feet, depending on the depth at which you spread your gravel.


8. How thick should a gravel driveway be?

A gravel driveway should be at least 6” thick in most cases. If the area gets heavy traffic 8-10” is recommended.


9. How do I keep my gravel driveway clean?

Your gravel driveway can be kept clean and looking its best with regular maintenance.


Follow these steps to keep your gravel driveway looking brand new:

Remove leaves off the driveway. This is especially important if there are overhanging trees in the vicinity of your driveway.

Rake the surface –Some light raking of the surface will be required to keep your gravel driveway smooth and level. Pay particular attention to areas where the car wheels turn and pass often or that experience regular foot traffic.

Monitor and repair potholes IMMEDIATELY – Over time and with regular traffic potholes could form in your gravel driveway. Once a pothole forms, they fill with rainwater and further erosion will occur, deepening the pothole.

Repair erosion in the surface layer of the gravel simply by raking it back level. If its deeper and into the base layer, you may need to add some stone, compact it and then add more gravel on top. You should be able to prevent these deeper potholes with some regular upkeep and raking.

Replenish gravel as needed – Over time with regular driving, snow plowing and wear you may find you need to top off your gravel. Gravel driveways are very easy to replenish as you just buy gravel and spread it on the surface and rake it in. This will keep your gravel driveway looking fresh and new.

Control weeds – good weed control will help keep your gravel driveways looking like new. You can hand pick or spray with your choice of herbicide.

If you have neglected your gravel driveway for a while and weeds have gotten out of control, all is not lost. Spray a good herbicide to kill off the weeds, then rake them off the surface of your driveway once they start to wilt.

If you have many overhanging trees, shrubs and flower beds surrounding your gravel driveway, your driveway is more vulnerable to weed infestation. In these instances, we recommend spraying a good herbicide once or twice a year as a preventative measure as an addition to your regular maintenance routine.

Stop blowing your grass clippings in the driveway!


10. What is the least expensive type of driveway?

A gravel or stone driveway is the most cost-effective driveway option. Gravel driveway installation costs start at $1.50 per Square Foot for new work and as little at $.40 per square foot for restoration work. In most cases it will be less expensive than asphalt or concrete paving.


11. Do I need fabric under a gravel driveway?

As part of the gravel driveway installation preparation we install a layer of geotextile road fabric.
Most people think the fabric is used to prevent weeds from growing up through the stone, like in gardening, but if you have dug out the soil and prepared your base correctly the likelihood of weeds growing up from underneath is minimal.

The actual reason for installation of a fabric membrane is to separate your driveway from the soil underneath to promote good drainage and prevent stone loss into the subsoil over time.

Weeds grow in the top layer of gravel with superficial roots. They need organic matter to grow in, which is why keeping your driveway free of leaves or other organic matter will prevent it from decomposing and creating patches of compost under your gravel layer, where the roots of the weeds will flourish.

When you remove leaves and debris and regularly rake your driveway you prevent this layer forming, inhibiting the growth of weeds.


12. How do I keep my gravel driveway from sinking?

Proper installation of the base should minimize sinking of your gravel driveway.

Some sinking occurs with time. It is easily rectified by topping off the driveway with new gravel to bring it back to the desired level.

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