Can You Landscape in Winter? Orleans County’s Year-Round Landscaping and Excavation Guide

December 1, 2023

Can You Landscape in Winter? Orleans County’s Year-Round Landscaping and Excavation Guide 

Land Clearing during the Winter

Welcome to DC Hauling, Excavating & Gravel Driveway Specialists, Inc. Based in Holley, NY, we proudly serve Orleans, Genesee, Monroe, Erie, Niagara, Ontario, and Wyoming counties. With over two decades of experience, including 12 years at the helm of our business, we’ve seen the evolution of the seasons. This year, we’ve decided to shift our focus from plowing snow to embracing year-round outdoor projects. Whether it’s global warming or Mother Nature changing her ways, times are certainly changing. Our specialty? Making sure that, no matter the season, your outdoor projects are a success.

Over the years, our team has often lamented the lack of year-round work, craving more consistent opportunities. Well, ask and you shall receive! We’ve now opened the doors to winter projects, giving them exactly what they asked for. Speaking personally, the co-founder, at nearly 50 and with a lifetime in construction, his own preference leans towards hibernation and a seasonal reset. Let’s just see if his crew still feels enthusiastic about this ‘year-round work’ idea after tackling a project in tomorrow’s balmy high of 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Stay warm out there (not in a plow truck with the heat on)!

Can Landscaping and Excavation Work Continue in Winter? 

Absolutely! Winter, often seen as a time for indoor activities, presents a perfect opportunity for outdoor projects at DC Hauling. Adapting to less snowy winters has opened more opportunities for landscaping and excavation in the colder months. (It hardly seems fair that contractors in those sun-soaked states get to enjoy year-round work in what feels like perpetual Disney World weather, right? Well, we’re on a mission to show that us New Yorkers can do it too, even under conditions that are, let’s just say, a bit less ‘magical’ and a lot more frosty! 😉)

Are Excavation Services Possible During Cold Months?

Drainage Excavation are possible during the winter

Most of the winter is quite suitable forexcavation, though it can vary depending on the conditions and the depth of the frost line. But here’s a fun thought to consider: if you and your neighbor have an unspoken competition over who mows their lawn the most or completes the most DIY projects, just imagine their surprise when our team rolls up in January to start building your dream outdoor sanctuary. As spring arrives, you could be lounging in your new outdoor living space, sipping a cold drink, and watching your neighbor tackle his lawn. Meanwhile, you’re effortlessly awaiting the auto-delivered mulch and soil you smartlyscheduled with DC Haulingback in January. Now, that’s what we call a seasonal win!

Is Winter a Good Time for Gravel Driveway Installation and Repair? 

Gravel Driveway Repair in Winter

Definitely! Installing or repairing agravel driveway in winter comes with nothing but advantages. A properly rolled driveway resists damage from snow plows just as effectively in winter as in any other season, dispelling the myth that it’s better to wait until spring. Plus, think of all the chiropractor and dentist appointments, front-end alignments, and apologies to the Amazon delivery person you’ll avoid by fixing those potholes now. And let’s face it, the prices aren’t dropping from November to April—they’re only going up. So why wait?

Some might say that repairing your stone drivewayin winter is a waste, imagining all your hard-earned gravel being pushed down the driveway by a rogue snow plow, leaving you with a pile to redistribute come spring. But here’s the truth: you’re probably going to have a pile of gravel at the end of your driveway regardless, no more, no less. And that’s part of the beauty of a gravel driveway—it’s forgiving, affordable, andallows for year-round maintenance, unlike concrete and asphalt.

(And here’s a life hack: make your plow driver add a line to his contract stating he’ll move the stone pile in the spring when he pulls the stakes. This could be included or for an agreed-upon fee. Or, call us! We offer a spring gravel driveway cleanup package.)

How Can I Grow a Garden Outdoors in Winter in New York?

Garden Cold Frames for Winter

You might be surprised to learn that with cold frames, you can enjoy growing veggies right through a Western NY winter. These nifty setups let you mimic a sunnier, warmer climate, tricking your greens into thinking they’re somewhere in the balmy South. Picture this: fresh spinach that believes it’s basking in the Georgia sun, and carrots so naturally sweet, they might just become your kids’ new favorite snack.

For more on this, check out our upcoming article, “Braving the Blizzard for a Beet: Year-Round Veggies in Western NY and Finger Lakes Area”. Packed with humorous insights and practical tips (and yes, a nod to the iconic Lou Gramm), this piece is sure to add some fun to your winter gardening adventures. Stay updated by signing up for our newsletter orfollowing our Facebook page. We’ll be sharing this entertaining and enlightening article later this week. Who needs the California sun when you’ve got your own winter veggie wonderland right here in New York?

Land Clearing/Grading Services

Land Grading during the Winter

Our land clearing services are not just suited for preparing your property for new projects – they’re also perfect for tackling that overgrown jungle that magically appeared while you were ‘temporarily’ ignoring your honey-do list. Winter, with its dormant vegetation and frozen ground, is the ideal time for land clearing and brush hogging. This season allows us to clear and mulch without turning your land into a modern art piece of soil disruption. So, whether you’re prepping for a spring project or simply reclaiming your backyard from the wilds of nature (we won’t judge how long it’s been), we’ve got you covered. Remember, there’s no shame in calling in the pros – especially when your land starts resembling a scene from “Jumanji.”

Why Consider Outdoor Projects in Winter? 

Winter isn’t just for snowball fights and grumbling about the cold—it’s actually the perfect time for those outdoor projects you’ve been dreaming about. You might think winter is downtime for contractors, but not us at DC Hauling. We’re like the postal service of the outdoor world: come rain, snow, or a polar vortex, we’re out there, committed to excellence.

Our dedication to quality and enthusiasm for our work doesn’t waver, regardless of what the thermometer says. We give every project our full attention, be it in the balmy days of summer or the frosty depths of a New York winter. So, while other contractors might be hibernating or catching their breath after the busy season, we’re seizing every moment to exceed your expectations.

Imagine the joy of sipping hot cocoa and munching on those dessert carrots from your winter garden, all while relaxing on your newly built deck in front of a warm fire, just waiting for the grass to grow so you can get the mower out. And all this, while everyone else is just beginning to think about their spring projects. That’s what we call getting a head start!

And hey, if you’ve got a nosey neighbor, consider referring them to us. You’ll be just a step away from joining our VIP program. (Read more about our VIP program here.)


At DC Hauling, Excavating & Gravel Driveway Specialists, Inc., we’re more than just our name. We’re the year-round gladiators of the outdoor world in Orleans County. Whether it’s braving the winter chill or basking in the summer sun, our commitment doesn’t change with the seasons. We’re here to tackle every challenge and seize every opportunity, ensuring top-notch quality in every project. So, for all your landscaping, excavation, and outdoor project needs, remember: our experienced team is ready to make the most of every season, no hibernation required. Trust us to bring your outdoor dreams to life, any time of the year!

We care about the customer experience and we’re dedicated to demonstrating excellence in all facets of our business. DC Makes it EASY!